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ONE   You can't join the community (there's no point, as I'll be the only one posting), but FRIENDING IT would be helpful if you want to know when I update. And it would make my day.

TWO   Credit bonesbaby33 and/or christastic in the keywords of an icon when you upload it/in a resource or icon post if you use my resources. See the handy diagram below to learn how to credit for icons.

THREE   Comments are always nice.

FOUR   Do not alter any icons or other graphics I post unless I specify otherwise.

FIVE   I do not take requests unless I make a post asking for them.

♥ Brushes, textures, fonts, caps, etc.: __lumos, _coquettish, _hakanaidreams, _trendi, 5hurtsmyheart, 77words, hanako_lovely, anno_superstar, apparating, arisubox, ashleyissexy, brushaxbrusha, cdg_brushes, chibihalo, claudia6913, colorfilter, colortone, coyr, crazy_perfume, crystalkirk, cutipi908, dactyliotheca, cabooseys, dj43, dojie, inxsomniax, ealias, eightyfour__, ewanism, faytrial, fluffy_monster, fophead, foxsgrl17, framedinblood, dearest, kurogane, glowinglogos, graphicjunkie, oh_pants, hazey_beauty, hotoko, icongrapher, incripacu, ingridmatthews, jeweledicecream, kamino, sir, leggyslove, lookslikerain, lostluck_icons, lovemelikemusic, lvlwing, magicalthinking, maleada, padabee, miggy, myrasis, nightfall_icons, ohpaintbrush, omgpretty, petticoatrow, tehshroom, endlessdeep, ohfreckle, shadowsms, she_belongs, sibelle_art, soporifical, squarefaces, hermintage, sydvaughn, the_preamble, neversince, tragicicons, tryda, asiyakei, unmasked_icons, vainsilhouette, wash_when_dirty, wednesday_icons, disneylori, obsess, xxmiraclexx, yourturntoburn

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♥ Fonts: GirlsWhoWearGlasses.com, DaFont.com

Please visit THIS POST if you'd like to affiliate with me! I'll affiliate with icon-related/same-interest journals and communities.

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